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This is the belly nearing 28 weeks. 28 weeks = 3rd trimester.


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The Real 4th

In the morning Adam and I were trapped in Newhall due to the parade. We drove around looking for a way out for 30 minutes before we were finally able to make a right turn at a police barrier. That alone is a memory, but we have no pics of it so I will pick up where we have pics.

Jeff and Lauren were back from their honeymoon and wanted to hang with me and Adam and Mike and Lisa, so after church and after summerfest we congregated at the apt then carpooled over to the mall to watch fireworks. We parked in the Target parking lot but it wasn’t too festive and it was overcrowded leaving only empty spaces where it would be impossible to see fireworks due to trees or buildings. So the group walked across the street to the mall parking structure and headed to the roof. It was perfect!

The group…

The traffic afterwards..

I was really hoping someone would be blasting patriotic music from their car.. and at one point I did hear Stars and Stripes, but I think this is the first 4th of July where I have actually NOT heard Proud to be an American. I really missed that song.  I’ll have to hear it twice next year.

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cats & dogs (or the moment i came to terms with the building anticipation of the, Lord willing, birth of my son)

by adam

I don’t blog much anymore because I’m afraid of being misunderstood.  that sounds kind of adolescent, or maybe esoteric.  probably is.  probably both.  but to confront my fear of man, especially my kinsmen, I will blog still more.  and that brings us to today’s thoughts. . .

I was driving home from work, the other day, and I saw a billboard very similar to, but not exactly the same as, this picture right here:

cats and dogs 2 promo

I had also remembered seeing the ad for this movie the other week at the theater when we were out with some of our good friends.  I remember thinking both times that the movie looked way too juvenile and a little ridiculous.  Only a few things, I thought, could make me see this movie – and as I thought about what those things were, I realized that probably the only thing in the entire world that would bring me to that movie theater, fully clad with my 3D glasses and maybe possibly a bucket of pop corn, ready to dive in to the action and the drama that is the un-seen espionage side of our house-hold pets would be if my son were sitting next to me.

wearing 3D glasses.  eating pop corn.  excited.

it didn’t stop there, though.  I suddenly saw myself knowing all the nuances, the inside jokes, the catch phrases – everything that I could think of in order to enjoy the experience to the fullest with my son.  maybe even buying some of the gear.  the action figures.  a t-shirt.  light up velcro sneakers.  donating them when he outgrew them, should the Lord allow that.

and I saw myself enjoying it.  all of it.  enjoying the movie, the 3D, the silly jokes and fight scenes.  their voices.

I tried to explain how I felt to someone the other week.  more or less, I was told to suck it up for some reason.  ok, sure.  put me in a box.  the truth is, I’m madly in love with my son, I have been for years, and I will be madly in love with any of the other kids the Lord hands over to me, and I don’t even know him or any of the other ones.

the Father loves the Son.

and here I am wanting to give him everything, already.  wanting to protect him.  wanting to pull him from school every time I read a news article about another elementary school student put in the hospital because of some stupid bullies (I worked at a school for 2 years, mind you).

and anyways, my mind kept going.  The Father gives the Son a people, the Spirit fills them and makes them His own.  And here we are, having a son, I want to give him everything.

all of this happened in about 20 seconds on the way home from work.  it’s almost a straight shot from our apartment to my store.  I cried a little, slowing down from 50 mph to 45, and then I parked and sat in my car for a little more.

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4th of July Picnic

Technically we picnicked on the 3rd of July since we had commitments at church on Sunday. Aaron and Kimberly organized the event and it was a ton of fun.

1. We spent some time hitting a volleyball.

2. This pic makes me laugh because it reminds me of slow motion walking. Kimberly and I are sooooo cool.

3. These next 2 just seem to go together, as well they should since Aaron and Kimberly are married.

4. Sometimes, Mike makes Lisa run. I particularly like this pic because both of Mike’s feet are off the ground.

5. And there were some very cute little girls to keep us entertained.

6. Then some of the folks played some soccer. I didn’t play because 1. I hate running. 2. Pregnant belly.

7. Then we ate meat. And salad. And corn. And potato salad. And guacamole and dip.

8. Then all the menfolk played a rousing game of basketball while all the ladies sat around.

It was such a fun day. And it was nice too, to meet some new people and work on building some new relationships. The weather was great. Thanks Johnsons for putting this together.

Up next. The actual happenings of the 4th of July.

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Ring of Fire

Coldplay, one of my most favorite bands EVER, does a cover of Ring of Fire! I had no idea! (He even breaks a string halfway through just like Adam does when he plays guitar. I love the way they handle it.)


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more things

1. went to the dr. a week ago for my 25 week appt. i’ve definitely gained weight. =) the dr and nurse both told me i was rh negative and so i needed a shot of rhogam. i was also told to come back this week for the glucose screening. when i was talking to my mom about the rh negative thing we realized something was wrong. when i had donated blood for the red cross they sent me a card saying that my blood type was B+. if my blood was B+ then i wasnt rh negative. so either the red cross or the hosp lab got my blood wrong (i assume it was red cross). so i had to have an extra tube of blood drawn today so they could recheck and then i will know if i need the shot or not.

the glucose screening went well. i sat next to a gal who was going through the 3 hour screening. she grew up buddhist and her boyfriend is a JW. i tried to share with her a little bit. i’m gonna have to do some research again on what JWs believe. i’m more familiar with mormon info than JW. she said she was pretty lost and that her boyfriends family kept asking her when she was gonna start coming on sunday and wednesday. she also mentioned that she was the first of her friends to get pregnant so her friends werent really around anymore because they were all out partying. long story short i asked if she had a facebook so we could keep in touch and she didnt but we exchanged phone numbers and she said she was gonna make a facebook and when she did she would text me. we’ll see what happens.

2. molly turner from church has herbs growing in her front yard and she told me i am welcome to help myself to them anytime i want. i’ve been in her front yard 2 times today. once for mint. once for rosemary.

3. belly:

4. omar is funny:

5. this is giraffy. adam and i bought him for titus and sometimes we pretend he is real and sometimes adam tucks him into bed.

6. I stopped in and visited Rhonda – owner of Rooms N Blooms on Lyons St today. If you haven’t already, you should read how we met. It involves an angel.


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1. i am currently making tropical iced tea in my coffee pot. i feel so cool (even though i’m really just following the directions on the back of the tea bag box). i am so in love with tropical iced tea. i drank it wherever i could before i was pregnant but i decided to buy some now that i am pregnant because liquids are so much more important.

2. speaking of liquids being important. i think so far it (drinking) has been one of my biggest concerns with being pregnant. probably stems from the fact that i was so sick for so long that i was always pretty worried about dehydration, but then because i spent too much time on google i read somewhere (because everything on the internet is valid – not) that you can have low amniotic fluid. which, that part i know is true, BUT, i read it can be so low that it actually causes the baby to more or less rest against the uterine area and it can deform their body parts. so now i drink and drink and am still ALWAYS thirsty and i am becoming known for saying, “gotta keep my amniotic fluid going.” isn’t that so gross? but it’s literally what is going through my brain.

3. there is a job at CHF that is PERFECT for adam. at least from reading the description it sure seems perfect. soooo… i’m just saying…. maybe you can pray about that for us.

4. the past two weeks adam and i have gone to the young marrieds group. it’s enjoyable.

5. we are entering week 23 of pregnancy. according to the aforementioned google sites that means that i am 6 months pregnant now. pregnancy timeframes are so confusing you literally have to google them otherwise you will never know what is going on and that is why most girls will just tell you how many weeks they are instead of months. so i’m starting 6 months pregnant but i still have 4 more months to go.

6. on that note. i felt titus move in a different area of my belly today. a little higher and a little more to the right than normal. it was very cool and i sorta pushed on the area. and when i did, when i pushed that area, i felt baby body in the lower part of my belly. it was pretty weird and definitely a brand new experience.

7. i tuned and played a mandolin in the store today and i also sold a flute. that is the first time i’ve sold an expensive instrument.

8. thrift store list for monday:


rocking chair

black pants for adam

cool button downs for adam

yellow tie for adam

long sleeve black dress shirt

crib bumper pad/bedding

king size pillow cases for cradle mattress

maternity shirts

serrated knife

extra measuring cups

skim board

9. if you buy a plastic cup drink from wahoo’s you can get 50 cent refills. LOOOOVE this.



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